Friday, 15 June 2012

The Good Shepherd - by Magen

John 10 speaks about the Good Shepherd. 'I call them by name and they hear my voice... No-one will pluck them from my hands'.

After Jesus was crucified, Mary Magdalene heard Jesus was gone and assumed His body was removed. When she went back Jesus was there (she didn't know it was Him), she asked if He knew where her Lord's body lays. He called her by her name and she knew immediately its HIM!

After Jesus rose, He went to peter while he was catching fish, after that they had a feast. And Jesus says, 'Peter do you love me, then feed my lambs, and again, 'peter do you love me, then feed my sheep.'

There's always been a difference between lambs and sheep. Lambs as being innocent. Lambs are also sacrifices in the old testament. Jesus is the lamb - both innocent and a sacrifice. Sheep are easily led astray, but they know the shepherd's voice.

So I think Jesus asked Peter to take care of both His lambs and sheep. - Magen